Congress hostesses

They work as a team so that the congress is a success and anticipate to any incident that may occur in the event.
Azafatas de congreso
A congress is a meeting, in which during one or several days, people from different places present lectures on topics related to their work. The congress hostesses are responsible for participating directly in the organization of these meetings and are responsible for a wide variety of functions. It is mainly responsible for making everything go as established.


The congress hostesses are essential due to their resolving capacity. Are those who are concerned with reducing any incident that may occur in the venue and work as a team to enable the proper functioning of the congress.

If you need congress hostesses

They offer attendees all kinds of information about the congress, they facilitate their attention and help, they indicate the way, they prepare the rooms of the speakers, and they accompany the protocol staff in their functions and help in the registration and distribution of the accreditations.


An essential requirement for congress hostesses is knowing English, since Spain is the fifth country in terms of number of international congresses. At Eloquence, all our congress hostesses speak fluent English and have previous training and experience in congress participation. In addition, qualities like sympathy, naturalness, education and discretion, necessary to develop your work in the best possible way, are very important for us.
Azafatas de congreso

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