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They are responsible for attending the stand assistants. They have real knowledge about the company and its product.
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There are many companies that attend trade fairs in our country. In them, the company has the possibility of hiring a stand in which to offer its products and services. The figure of the fair stewardess is necessary to carry out some important tasks within the stand and ensure the proper functioning of this.


The fair hostess is responsible for receiving and attending the stand attendees. For this, he has a real knowledge about the company he represents and the product or service offered at the stand. It is the first image of the company for potential clients so it must have a very good presence and an appropriate education.

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Sometimes they will be sales fairs, where the hostesses can take charge of the task of selling. Its role as a fair hostess is to attract customers and familiarize them with the company they work for.


Another function of the fair hostesses is to organize the appointments and meetings of the company’s own employees within the stand. At a fair of several days the organization of the stand is essential to ensure the success of the company at the fair.


We do everything possible to train our fair hostesses in the most functional aspects of the job. But above all, we value the knowledge of other languages to facilitate communication with foreign assistants, especially English, so all our fair hostesses dominate this language.
Azafatas de Feria

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