Model hostesses

They are the representation of the brand, it is important that their presence and image are well taken care of.
model hostesses
The model hostesses are the visible face of a brand in the event. We could say that the image stewardess profile stands out for its specific physical characteristics. They are responsible for promoting the image of a brand, which is why it is very important that their presence and image are well taken care of.


Represent brands in events and galas, carry out the promotion of products, accompany lecturers and even work in fairs and conferences are some of the functions that the image hostesses carry out.

If you need model hostesses

At Eloquence, we want to contribute more than just an image. We believe that beyond specific physical characteristics a good image stewardess must possess other qualities such as a positive attitude when working, sympathy, naturalness, an appropriate education, a good command of English and even knowledge of protocol.


We value overall our model hostesses to communicate in an effective and eloquent way. We believe this add value to our services.
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