Promoters hostesses

They are located at the point of sale of the brand, with a more commercial profile. Take an essential role in the sale or service.
promoter hostesses
In the sales channel of a product, an essential part of the process is promotion. To guarantee the sale of this product there are different types of promotion that in some occasions will need the help of one or several promoter hostesses.

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They will try to attract as many potential customers as possible, bringing the product closer to them to get their interest. They act as a link between the brand and potential buyers; They are responsible for getting the product to the customer, resolve any questions that they may have about the product or brand.


The delivery of advertising, the delivery of samples or the promotion at the point of sale.
The promoter hostesses who are part of the Eloquence team, in addition to experience, training and English level have communication skills that allow them to be sociable and eloquent to connect the target with the brand.
Azafatas Promotoras

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